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No Central California Physician's group offers more health insurance choices than Santé Physicians.

We contract with a wide array of HMO and PPO insurance carriers to give you and your family a wide range of affordable plans for your family care. Just click to find a list of our HMO and PPO contracting partners, or call your family physician for a health plan recommendation.

Need help choosing a health plan? Check out our information on "Choosing a Health Plan" , or ask your physician's office or call our Member Services department at (559) 228-5410. Remember, make sure your employer offers a health plan which provides access to a Santé Physicians office to make sure you get the best care in the Central Valley.

Santé’s Contracted Medicare Advantage Plans

·    Blue Shield 65+
Brand New Day Dual Coverage Medi-Medi Plan 24
Brand New Day Classic Choice Medi-Medi Plan 33
Brand New Day Classic Care Drug Savings Plan 37
Brand New Day Embrace Care Drug Savings Plan 39-2
Brand New Day Embrace Choice Medi-Medi Plan 40-2
Health Net Healthy Heart
Health Net Amber II
Health Net Sapphire Premier
AARP Medicare Complete (UnitedHealthCare)
UnitedHealthCare Medicare Solutions (Group Retiree)
·    UnitedHealthCare Medicare Complete Assure (HMO)
·    UnitedHealthCare Medicare Dual Complete (HMO D-SNP)


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